Oh Desert !

Pancha Vismrit

Decorated with towns and cities
Religion culture and legends
And decorated with growth and prosperity
The desert
Where I am right on
Being a stranger
In pursuit of life
In pursuit of dreams
Sitting on the burning sands
Writing love letters to beloved ones
And digging deep into ground and ditches for future
Doing plumbing in unfortunates
Building heaven for others
cooking and feeding creatures
On the desert
I have a thirst for life and dreams
I have a hunger for fair livelihood
And for shade of integrity
My home made up of sands may collapse
Any of the moments with hot air
Its one blowing
The traces of my foot prints
May erase permanently
Which to follow while returning home
And myself may fade like a flower in the sun
I am so needy
On the desert
Oh desert
Oh Saudi Arabia
Oh the world of Muslims !
I call for camels for water and livelihood
I call for Koran to awake the integrity
I call clouds in the sky for rain
On the desert
Oh desert!
But it's not a desert
Yeah, you are not a desert
You must not be a desert

21 October 2010
Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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