What I Stand For

Pancha Vismrit

I am climbing up the mountain of days
Up to which the top looks so high
Where I can see
My sparkling Mt. Everest from
And I can see my homeland from
The days seem to be so colorless
which to lend me colors of rainbow
That to paint
That to decorate my diaspora
The days appeared to be so cruel
Being like flood and landslide
As I cross a jungle
Or a precipices
And no sooner I am about to reach a village
Than It blocks and destroys my ways
Which the ways to my destination
Every second counts
Moments are felt still
Days are like more than years
Awaiting just awaiting
Walking is a bravery
And it is so complicated
I am climbing up ups and ups
But I am descending down and down
Along the life path
Up to which the bottom looks so close
To the end ultimate end of own...
And where I stand for great loser

Friday 12 2010
Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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