No matter even

Ramu Gaire

No matter even
I am far from my wife
Always she comes in my dream
And says darling how is your life

No matter even
Someone says me badly but my son says honey
Dad, i want to be a good actor (son’s says)
I know you have problem, but earn more money

No matter even
I am not in my home
There is nobody to take care of my family
But always thanks god you are the one

No matter even
All of my relatives are too rich
I want to see my family to be happy and
Love is always remaining in my brain’s hard disk

No matter even
I will go heaven or hell
If god took me in hell, and
I will send message from yemraj’s mail

No matter even
My friends says, he is laying, but i am true
Only one life friend is always for me
That is from heaven god provided me that’s you

No matter even
There is Dangerous road ahead
I am forever together with you &
I will remember you even after me dead

arghakhanchi- chiuramati ,Now - Dubai

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Bal Bahadur said...

Well said bro ... i love this poem