Dibya Giri,

Without you alone myself and gloomy
This chilly December so cold
Your absence is more chiller than that
And I’ve lost your warm embracing love.
Just like the poles standing line wise in the queue as soldiers
The lamp-post struggling with the obscurity of the road
And the stray dogs barking seldom shivering with cold
Perhaps, they are also sad and sorry like myself.
Your reminiscence is overflowing in me just like the river
And you have become a vital crisis for me
Now a days I’ve only monotonous hills of the desires
Now a days I’ve only empty fields of the crisis.
Beloved! At present where and how you might be living
Here I am only thinking of your well-being
I can warm myself with my chest with your sweet remembrance
I ‘m send you the well wishes for the Christmas and New Year, and I’m sending hereby
But your well wishes which you had been sending every year to me
Now they are dropping from the converting in the drops of the mist, drop by drop !
Thus the each word of those drops
Is paining me in this chilly night, wounding me.

Kathmandu Nepal.

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